Shocking events before my supposed death


This is a very difficult thing to write about. This experience that I have had IS very personal and even talking about them at this time is a very hard thing for me to do. My family, friends, and people that I have met are more fascinated by my story at this time, much more fascinated with it than I am. The professional opinion is that I am in a state of shock, that the impact of my adventure is being lessened by my psychy. It is as if I was and am an observer, held apart from the person who had and is traveling this path.
The Spritual part is that I am too supernatural and I must not believe that 

After reading this I want you to judge whether dreams and hunches are real or not.... 
This complete abridged version can be told very quickly, a get to the point, tell what happened, and be done with it tale! That's not what People want to hear, or what I have been told to do. I am suppose to tell my story and bring a message I've been charged with delivering. It is not the only message. Many are personal and only for that one individual, but one I've been charged with bringing back is for the world.
On April the 30st,2006 I bought a second hand Nissan Sentra 1.6 GL. It was a good car for that kind of money I have forwarded. the family was very happy, as it was a new move towards progress. This car came at the right time as we were relocating to a new church at Mauluma: Higherways Interenational Churches.This car never game any problem until the 14th September 2007.Perhaps to speed up my story I'll have to begin by saying that when that car was hardly a week old, someone died right in that car as I was transporting him to the Hospital.This was nothing to me of course. I don't want to force you to believe that it was something either....

Somewhere in October 2006 a learner in grade 12 came to me wearing a sad face. She said to she had a bad dream about my car: It got an accident near Ingwe motel.That sounded nothing to me. I just laughed, and life continued as usual..

Somewhere in April 2007, a lady friend came to me saying she had a dream that my car was stolen.I reacted by just laughing and life just continued as usual. I don't know why I take things this easy, well! perhaps that is the way I have been reared.

On the 22nd August I had it again: A dream about a caterpillar, digging a very big hole for my car, after it got an accident. I shared this dream with my wife, a colleaque and people from my home cell....but it was just a dream
14 September 2007 IT HAPPENED........same place........Both of us the occupants survived...Mrs Vhulahani Mildred,My self and Livhuwani Makhavhu. I SAW GOD......