Summary of Group 5 'Jigsaw method'

Our group consist of five members viz Tshigomana MD, Netsianda A, Katisi LF, MJM Botolo and Mangena Thersy.I will start by explaining what a jigsaw method is. The jigsaw technique is a method of organizing classroom activity that makes students dependent on each other to succeed. Really with us it was like that. We divided ourselves in a very strong team depending on the strength of an individual. Tshigomana was responsible for the technical side of a software to be used which is Mindomo.He was to plan the layout and do the final product.Netsianda was responsible for researching deeper into the learning theory of behaviourism.Mangena was responsible for Cognitivism, Katisi was responsible for researching on Constructivism and Marcus was responsible for Miscellaneous theories like Chaos theory and facts about learning design and its alignment to the theories. We used the following technologies to achieve our mind map. For meeting we depended on Zoom, and for sharing files we used Blackboard's file exchanger and we rated each other by using the Monkey survey tool. Because of our hectic workplace schedule we also used text messaging in order to contact each other. We also assign each other for additional task likes, searching for videos related to the different theories of learning. When the map was being developed, we kept each abreast of the development. Members were requested to add on the product. Finally we got the best mind map